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How It Works - Platform Overview

100% Transparent

XZ Backup offers a 100% White Labeled Online Backup Reseller Program that is fully branded with Your Company Name and Your Company Logo. XZ Backup is one of the onlly completely transparent online backup offerings.

Easy To Use

Our online backup reseller program is loaded with features to give your customers a solid data backup solution that is flexible and easy to use. Try our software today online or call a sales associate for more information.

Smallest Startup Costs

Set your own price and charge what you want to your customers. XZ Backup allows you to grow at your own pace. You will not have to cover expenses for a large amount of disk space you must commit to with other companies.
Online Backup Scheduling Software

Signup + Branding

Signup is easy and you can get started customizing the service immediately. You can either download templates to customize the software branding or let our branding department use your logo and company information to create the templates for the software. You can also begin customizing the looks of the reseller control panel.

Once the software branding has been completed you can begin fully utilizing the service.

  • Your Company, Your Logo, Your Brand
  • Brandable by you or us for free!
Branded Online Backup Software Branded Control Panel

Start Managing Your Clients

With our advanced online backup reseller control panel you can monitor and manage 1000s of users with ease. Enhanced usage and status overview visualizations provide quick glancing looks at any users with backup issues.

Trial Accounts
You can immediately begin creating accounts without licensing fees that
auto-suspend in 30 days.
Open API
Access information and manage users from billing applications. WHMCS + ClientExec modules available.

Demo Control Panel
Branded Professional Version
Branded Professional Version

Bill and Support Your Clients

You can easily sell this service to your existing customers and bill them however you wish. XZ Backup provides WHMCS billing module that integrates your WHMCS with our reseller control panel for managing users.

  • Define Packages
  • Support Ticket System
  • Set Your Price, Charge what you want!
  • WHMCS supported
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Branded Partner Control Panel

Our 100% customizable Partner Control Panels include all the necessary options you need to successfully administer your customers. Specific options include configuring end-user accounts, downloading software, monitoring backup jobs, viewing backup logs and much much more. We give you total control over your online backup reseller program.
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Branded End User Control Panel

The End-User Control Panels give your clients a wide range of flexibility and options including Web-Restore, Custom Reports, Online Backup Statistics, and software downloads. Also remember that this End-User Portal is 100% Branded with Your Name and Business Logo.

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Need to know more or speak with a sales associate? Call us today! United States Toll Free: 800.213.2157 or UK: +44.2036.080613.

Software Overview

Multiple Platform Support

Based on Java our software supports multiple platforms. We support Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Novell operating systems.

Our software is compatible with all major operating systems, database servers, and Microsoft Exchange. Features include industry standard encryption, compressed data and transfers, advanced scheduling and retention policies, In-File Delta, Onsite Backup, and Continuous Data Protection.

More Features
Multiple Platform Support Windows OSX Linux Novell
Online Backup Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection

Our software comes with advanced Continuous Data Protection which can be set to capture every version of data that has been saved to your hard disk. With CDP your computer will be continuously monitored for changes to your data.

Even if your hard drive crashes completely after you have worked for a full day without invoking a backup manually yourself, the saved copy of your working files will still be intact on the backup server. It provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous protection for file servers and desktops.

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Our software also provides a flexible backup scheduler to implement backup policies easily. Once a user has defined the settings, backup will be carried out automatically at the desired times. Make hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and even customized schedules.

  • Set backups to stop after a certain time
  • Complex scheduling settings possible
  • Independent onsite and offsite scheduling
More Features
Online Backup Scheduling Software
Online Backup Encryption AES ECB 256 Bits


All data will be compressed and encrypted with a key selected by the user on the client-side before being uploaded via SSL and stored online. The encryption key is only known to you and is stored nowhere else. Decryption is only possible with the correct known encryption key.

  • 256-bit industry standard
  • 3DES, AES, TwoFish
More Features

In-File Delta

The solution comes with proprietary in-file delta technology. The original file is required to be backed up only once; after that only the changes within the file made since the previous backup are necessary to upload. This significantly reduces the bandwidth used and total backup time required.

  • Configure block sizes
  • Incremental or Differential
  • Customizable with advanced settings
More Features
 Backup In-File Delta -- Block Size -- Ratio -- Incremental
Online Backup Retention Policy

Retention Policy

You can easily configure how many versions of a file you want to keep. You can also create more customized policies to retain files on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

  • Keep over 7 years of retention
  • Intelligent retention reduces disk space used
More Features
Need to know more or speak with a sales associate? Call us today! United States Toll Free: 800.213.2157 or UK: +44.2036.080613.

Reseller Control Panel

Partner Dashboard

Our partner dashboard is the central location through which to manage your online backup business. Easily check the status of backup jobs, quickly review customer usage, and view backup jobs all from a convenient location.

  • Monthly Backup Job Status Overview
  • Customer Usage
  • User Space Distribution
  • Backup Jobs Requiring Attention
  • User Creation Over Time
Backup Reseller Control Panel
Backup Reseller EndUser Control Panel


From this section you can control different aspects of your control panel appearance, as well as modify important settings such as links to your billing and support pages, establishing a custom url domain, and modifying your login and splash logos.

  • End User control panel templates
  • Use your own domain URL
  • Customize CSS overrides
  • Stretch and fixed layouts options
  • Real-time change of logo images and styles

User Management

When managing users, partners can modify accounts settings, change passwords, review account statuses, view storage quotas, manage bandwidth limits, and incorporate add-on modules.

  • Create, delete, suspend, unsuspend users
  • Turn backup features on and off per account
  • View user reports and backup jobs
  • Monthly overview for user backups
  • Enhanced status and usage visualizations
Backup Reseller EndUser Control Panel

System Configuration

Control how the system operates with real-time settings. Customize additional reporting e-mails, report types that are sent out, and view your account history with activity logs. Our API allows you to set default options for the API integrations.

  • Use your own SMTP Email Server
  • Turn on and off reports
  • Configure API default settings
  • View control panel history logs

Software Download

As soon as your software has been branded, software is then available for download through the Software tab of the partner control panels. From this section partners will be able to download all compatible software to setup customer accounts.

Platforms supported include all versions of Windows desktop and server, as well all unix / linux variants, including Mac OS X.

Backup Reseller EndUser Control Panel
Need to know more or speak with a sales associate? Call us today! United States Toll Free: 800.213.2157 or UK: +44.2036.080613.

End-User Control Panel

User Dashboard

From this section users can view their overall backup statistics, along with a listing of backup sets, status of jobs, quicklinks to backup reports, visualizations of usage, remaining space, and retention area. Any and all important data end users need to see is located from this centralized location

  • Usage Overview
  • Monthly space usage over time
  • Backup Jobs Recent Status

Backup Sets

The Backup Sets area allows end users to change a variety of settings, including changing source files and directories, setting schedules, enabling in-file delta options, volume shadow copy, permissions, transfer block sizes, filters, retention policy, network authentication, custom commands, and much more.

  • Manage Backup Settings Online
  • Update Software Backup Settings

File Explorer

The File Explorer is the central utility for Users to view, restore, and manage their backup files. From this section any customer can navigate through their backup sets, download selected copies, view their entire volume size, look at the last modified timestamp, and check their compression ratios.

  • Delete data stored on server
  • Restore data from any location
  • View retention

User Reports

From here end users can view detailed reports outlining their backup sets, accounting for exact date and time. The report statistics include the amount of files that are new, deleted, updated, and moved. Also included in these numbers are the total area of storage, retention, space used and respective quotas.

  • View monthly backup job statuses
  • View daily backup job reports
  • Easily view backup jobs needing attention
Need to know more or speak with a sales associate? Call us today! United States Toll Free: 800.213.2157 or UK: +44.2036.080613.

Platform Features

Branded Backup Software

The software you will be able to use will be completely branded to your companies name and image. The software is completely transparent, XZ Backup is seen nowhere throughout the software. More Info

Branded Control Panels

The control panels you will be using can be completely customized to your company name, image / style and can be completely customized through advanced override features. More Info

Multi-Brand / Sub-Reseller

Create multiple brands with different software, company names, and control panel customization. Or provide sub-reseller/oem branding for other customers under you.

Low Cost Per GB

XZ Backup has the lowest cost per GB than any other white labeled online backup provider. To resell online backup look no further than the low cost of XZ Backup

Big Backup Quickstart

For our customers who require a large amount of data that needs to be backed up initially, XZ Backup will ship out either an external USB hard drive, or a SnapServer at no extra charge (USA Only). More Info

Use Your Own Domain

You can specify your own parked domain for the control panels as well as the SMTP email servers reports are sent through. More Info

Unlimited Backups

There are no set limits on the amount of backups you can perform or how many can be run concurrently. No charge on bandwidth, we only charge for data stored server side.

Multiple Operating Systems

Our software supports multiple operating systems! A user can backup their Windows, Mac, Linux, or Novell systems easily without additional costs or feature add-ons. More Info

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Continuous Data Protection allows you to stay up-to-date with file changes that can occur on a constant basis throughout the day. CDP will constantly monitor your files archiving any changes to your data. More Info

Linux & Unix Support

Linux in its many flavors has become the norm in website and application hosting. Setting up an online backup using XZ Backup - Advanced can provide your servers with the data security needed to maintain the highest uptime possible. Install XZ Backup - Advanced on your servers and manage all of them through the web interface. More Info


Backup VMware virtual machines in VDDK and non-VDDK formats. Utilizes the VMware changed block tracking technology to provide quicker hot-backups and easier delta incremental data for uploads.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Backup Hyper-V virtual machines into a VHD file. In-file detlta and hot-backup capable of Hyper-V clusters. Works in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Exchange Store

The Advanced software supports full database-level backup of Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003 and 2007, 2010. This allows you to restore the Exchange database as a whole to the point-in-time of failure. More Info

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox-Level

Mailbox-level MS Exchange Backup allows for backup and restore of the individual email, calendar, task, contact, journal, notes located in a user's mailbox. Allowing for easy restore of an affected mailbox without restoring the whole database. More Info

Microsoft SQL Server

The Advanced software supports multiple backup modes of Microsoft SQL Server 7, 2000, 2008. Backup is easy and there is no need to offline your databases. More Info


MySQL can be backed up and secured easily. Backups performed using the built-in mysqldump utility providing compatible backups for any MySQL versions. More Info


Supports Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g. Zero Downtime throughout the backup procedures, ensuring business operations not compromised. More Info

Lotus Notes / Domino

The Advanced version can backup and restore your Lotus Notes / Domino databases easily.

Local Backups

As well as doing offsite backups you can perform a local backup of the same data, or you can perform only local backups for some backup sets and other backup sets perform both onsite and offsite backups.

Configurable File Retention

Configure how many different versions of backup files to keep. You can keep as many versions of files you want. Customize retention for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly versions and over 7 years worth of data.

End-User Web Management

Clients can manage their backup account and get an overview of the backup jobs that have been performed recently. Data can also be restored from the web control panel to any machine with an internet connection. More Info

Reseller Control Panel

The reseller control panel gives you a way to manage all of your clients. With a quick glance you can get an overview of all the backup jobs that have occurred recently to easily spot backup issues. More Info

256-bit AES Encryption

All of your data is compressed and encrypted before leaving your computer. Transferred over an SSL connection to our servers. We do not keep any encryption keys and cannot access any of your data. More Info

Network Files

Network shares and files across the network can be backed up just as easily as local files. Provide login details to access secured shares.

E-Mail Reports

Receive reports upon backup completion, failure, or when a backup is missed. A daily backup report is also available to show you all backup jobs that occurred over the past 24 hours.

Bare Metal Backup

Backup and restore bare metal backups when using Windows Server 2008 or StorageCraft ShadowProtect. More Info

System State

Backup the system state of your Windows machines to restore domain controllers to their previous state.

Command Line Tool

Run commands before and after backup jobs are performed. Use this to make resources or data available prior to a backup job running.

Open API

Integrate your applications to work with our management system to further automate your workflows.

Multi Language Support

The backup software supports 31 different languages. More Info

Billing Module

Automate the signup and recurring billing processes by provisioning backup accounts and packages using our WHMCS billing module. More Info

Flexible Scheduling

Create multiple schedules for your backup sets. Schedule onsite and offsite backups to work Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or One-Time. More Info

Need to know more or speak with a sales associate? Call us today! United States Toll Free: 800.213.2157 or UK: +44.2036.080613.